The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Due to the crisis, homelessness is on the rise again in The Netherlands. Some seek shelter in the woods and parks in and around the city of Breda.
Hidden away from the citizen’s eye. Each coping in his own way.

Visually the similarity with recreational camping and survival sports can be deceptive. In the end however it’s a whole different beast altogether.

This series is part of the ‘huisje, boompje’ project which was initiated by Klaas Burger (Academie voor Beeldvorming) in cooperation with Graphic Design Festival Breda. The project aims to make and impact on public opinion regarding homelessness. So far a magazine and a billboard campaign have been realized (designed by Yana Foqué).

This project has been featured at Bredaphoto, the Breda International Photo Festival from 15 sept – 30 oct 2016.